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Let the Music Play

Happy New Year to all from Rangoon and let us stay hopeful that we will play and listen to live music once again soon. #LetTheMusicPlay.

Despite everything Rangoon had a pretty good 2020. We started the year well playing new venues and had many gigs lined up so we were devastated when one by one they were cancelled. But we were not to be deterred!

In May, we released our new album “Going Back to the City” followed up by a socially-distanced video of “Perfect Face” carefully crafted by tech hero Howard. Will entertained a growing virtual audience with solo live streams of new and old Rangoon songs and covers. More are planned for 2021.

When weather permitted, we played hugely enjoyable acoustic sessions to appreciative audiences in Highgate Wood and Pond Square in Highgate. In September restrictions were relaxed enough to allow us to go into the Cowshed Studio and record a full band version of “Being Let Down” which also became a video recorded at Mill Hill Studios and now available on YouTube. Special thanks to Mill Hill Studios who have kept going and been a lifeline to Rangoon.

We continue to work on new material. There is a considerable amount of pent-up hard-rock and blues heaviness ready to hit the stage but we also maintain our country and Americana core. We were about to record a new song Let the Music Play but hit the Covid restrictions. We even have an epic folk-rock number referencing the history and topography of East Finchley, in the grand tradition of local heroes Fairport Convention. This will surely delight the denizens of that fair suburb on our next outing at Maddens! Hope to see you there or at another live music venue sometime soon.

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